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All legal matters – one law firm

Whether you need help with an international business contract, advice on import/export routines or taxes, or need help resolving a dispute with a neighbor, we provide the legal advice or services needed. We do business where you conduct yours, we spend our lives there. At the same time, we spend our lives in the legal landscape and when you find yourself walking the paths of this landscape, we can offer you safe guidance.

Locally we always offer full competence within all main disciplines of law, and we have experts within any special legal field. If you find us, we will find the answers. Read more about our main areas below.

    Amber Advokater combines the best possible legal expertise and experience with close physical proximity to you. We have a solid understanding of the conditions faced by enterprise in the environment in which we work. Together, our legal experts cover all central fields of law, which makes it possible for us to provide the expertise you need. We can help you and your company in the following legal fields:

  1. Swedish and International Business Law
    With the insight to improve your position
    Amber Advokater has many years of broad experience in the field of general business law. We can help you with negotiations and contracts involving both Swedish and international colleagues. We can compile agency and reseller agreements, subcontractor agreements, delivery terms or employment contracts for CEOs and other key staff.

    We can also provide advice in fields such as competition law, market law and public procurement.

    Company Law – with a more active view on order and development
    Amber Advokater has many years of in-depth experience of company law. We see the potential in creating order and development through matters relating to company law. This applies to all types of documentation, such as shareholder agreements and share issue agreements, provisions of Articles of Association, regulations on delegation and authorisation and matters relating to liquidations and mergers.

    Amber Advokater is also a resource to help promote successful Board work.

    Corporate Transfers – we know everything there is to know about the transaction process
    Amber Advokater offers expertise in all elements of corporate transfer in respect of both shares and assets and liabilities. We offer everything from due diligence surveys to negotiation support and contracts. We maintain a comprehensive overview of this field as we regularly represent both the vendors and the purchasers of companies in a number of different industries.

  2. Insolvency Law (Bankruptcies)
    Amber Advokater has more than ten receivers with plenty of experience of bankruptcies, company reorganisations and other issues relating to insolvency law. Our knowledge base can help you; not only if you end up in a difficult financial position, but also when you need to safeguard your position against possible payment problems concerning clients and partners.
  3. Intellectual Property Law
    A perishable commodity, always on the agenda
    Amber Advokater are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to intellectual property law. We are your partner for copyright law, trademark law, patent law, design protection and infringements of intellectual property rights. We have an enormous wealth of experience to call on.
  4. Property, Rental Law and Contract Law
    Knowledge amassed with care creates security
    Amber Advokater deals with all legal issues relating to commercial or private properties; everything from transfers and lawsuits relating to faults in property to easements, utility easements and land development. We also have an in-depth knowledge of rental law and contract law.
  5. Litigation and Arbitration
    A multifaceted field that requires broad experience
    We often deal with commercial dispute resolution here at Amber Advokater. We regularly assist clients with disputes of various kinds, and we also act as arbitrators.
  6. Insurance Law and Law of Civil Responsibility
    Here at Amber Advokater, we can give you qualified advice on all issues relating to damages, no matter what the field: breach of contract, claims relating to accidents, personal injury, damage to property or financial claims. Law of civil responsibility is closely linked with insurance law. We represent companies, private individuals and insurance companies in cases involving damages or insurance claims.
  7. Public Procurement
    Public procurement is a complex legal area, in which it is often worthwhile to seek legal advice at an early stage. Amber Advokater offers lawyers specialising in the procurement process. We provide advice to tenderers and to those who represent procuring authorities and entities in all stages of the procurement process. We help you with the preparation of tender request documentation or tenders. We can also assist you with reviews and revision of the tender request documentation as well as the evaluation of tenders.

    You may also contact us for an assessment of whether a procurement process has been carried out in accordance with the applicable laws. We represent both tenderers and procuring authorities and entities during reconsideration processes, and when damages are to be claimed.

  8. Family Law
    Practical advice and long-term planning
    Amber Advokater deals with all kinds of matters relating to family law. We can assist you with everything from distribution of marital property and custody disputes to advice on generation shift issues and other complex family law matters linked with business.

    We regularly take on commissions as property division executors, estate analysts and executors of wills. In the field of economic family law, Amber Advokater has associations with one of Sweden’s top authorities which has participated in legislation work as an investigator and has written a number of books in the field.

  9. Criminal Law
    A number of legal experts at Amber Advokater operate in the field of criminal law, and we have many years of experience of criminal prosecution. We undertake commissions as public defence counsel, where we represent people who are suspected of or prosecuted for crimes, and as counsel for injured parties, where we represent people who have fallen victim to crime.
  10. Asylum Law
    Amber Advokater regularly represents people in matters relating to asylum, residence permits and work permits in communications with Migrationsverket (the Migration Authority), Migrationsdomstolen (the County Administrative Court ruling on immigration matters) and Migrationsöverdomstolen (the Court of Appeal in immigration matters).
  11. Labour Law
    Amber Advokater offers lawyers with extensive experience in the field of labour law. The labour law is an important part of owning or operating a business. We assist you with both transaction related issues as well as traditional labour law issues. We offer advice regarding the conditions of employment, termination and dismissal, and can help you with preparation of the related agreements and other documentations. In addition, we can also assist you with negotiations under the Co-determination at Work Act (Swedish MBL) and during labour disputes.

    Our specialists in the field of labour law also have great knowledge in terms of conditions for employment and termination for the management and key personnel, as well as perquisites and bonus systems. The specialists in the field of labour law cooperate with other lawyers in the firm with cutting-edge expertise in related areas, such as procedural law, tax law as well as mergers and acquisitions.

  12. Administrative Law
    Administrative law is the field of law that covers public administration and the authorities’ dealing with cases between the authorities and individual citizens and that is regulated by the Swedish Administrative Procedure Act and the Administrative Court Procedure Act. The Swedish municipalities and county councils are also governed by the Swedish Local Government Act. Amber assists municipalities and public companies as well as individuals or companies related to this legislation, often with issues that are also related to commercial areas, but also to various legal municipality principles, such as the Principle of Public Access and the Public Procurement Act. Amber thus combines different lawyers’ specific fields of knowledge in order to offer a complete cutting-edge expertise in this area, and can therefore offer clients, such as municipalities and county councils outside major urban areas our experience of the central authorities’ latest praxis.

Get in touch with us when you have any legal queries. As a client of Amber Advokater, you will have access to the amassed expertise of all of our legal experts.