Working for Amber


The Power of Many

Every now and then we expand or need additional competence, and whenever we find competence and commitment we try to keep it close.

We work with a generous spirit regarding our own competence, experience and legal skills: We share them, since it is by sharing we grow stronger and more adept. Of course, we all stand on a foundation of basic legal competence, but the specialized competences add extra strength – to the benefit of both our clients and ourselves.
Our offices are firmly rooted in their local environment. We are very familiar with the social and commercial settings we work in. That way, we can adapt our professional approach to the people around us. What we do achieve is in many ways based on confidence, and therefore every step is taken with a deep concern for the future. Where we are represented, we aim to be the leading full-service law firm.

Can you see yourself working with Amber? Would you like to work within a wide range of legal fields, seasoned with a need for your special expertise within the organization? Often very close to the client? Please contact us!